Community 医院 of the 蒙特利 Peninsula

Community 医院 of the 蒙特利 Peninsula

霍尔曼公路23625号 蒙特利, CA 93940


呼叫 911 或者去 Community 医院 Emergency department 或者离你最近的急诊室. Get help to decide if your symptoms mean you should go to the 急诊室或紧急护理地点.


请拨打1-888-45CHOMP或 在线Search 给医生或专科医生.


  • 主要: 831-624-5311


社区医院是 安全移交地点.


周日: 24小时开放
星期一: 24小时开放
星期二: 24小时开放
周三: 24小时开放
星期四: 24小时开放
星期五: 24小时开放
周六: 24小时开放

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays).


If you have mild respiratory or flu-like symptoms, consider using 蒙太奇的健康’s 快速,在线虚拟护理选项 从舒适的家里. 全天候服务.

Community 医院 of the 蒙特利 Peninsula

At Community 医院 of the 蒙特利 Peninsula, you can access a wide range of exceptional health 和 wellness services in a healing environment that matches the beauty of 蒙特利 County. You’ll be the focus of experts who are passionate about helping you live your healthiest, 最快乐的生活.

Community 医院 is the hospital of 蒙太奇的健康, a locally based 和 owned nonprofit network of medical services, 医生, 便利的设施.


Community 医院 is located on 加州’s Central Coast, two hours south of San Francisco. 如果你要去医院:


  • Take Highway 101 south (San Jose) or Highway 17 south (Santa Cruz) to Highway 1 south.
  • Use Highway 156 west to connect Highway 101 to Highway 1
  • Take Highway 1 south through Marina, Seaside, 和 蒙特利
  • Take the Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove/Highway 68 west exit
  • Use the far right lane for Highway 68 west
  • The entrance to the hospital is at the next light, to the right


  • Take Highway 101 north (King City) to Salinas
  • Take the 蒙特利 Peninsula/Highway 68 exit
  • 左转到桑伯恩. Stay on Sanborn when it turns into Blanco Road
  • Turn left onto Highway 68 west 和 head west into 蒙特利
  • 走1号公路南出口
  • Take the Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove/Highway 68 west exit
  • Use the far right lane for Highway 68 west
  • The entrance to the hospital is at the next light, to the right.


  • 走1号公路北上
  • After Carmel, take the Pacific Grove/Pebble Beach/Highway 68 west exit
  • Enter the roundabout 和 take the first exit to Highway 68 west

下载及列印 driving directions to Community 医院 [PDF].


If road closures affect recommended routes, download alternative directions to reach Community 医院 [PDF]. For your peace of mind, print a copy 和 keep it in your car.


If you drive a car to Community 医院, follow wayfinding signs that guide you to park your vehicle in our outdoor parking lot or underground parking pavilion.

You can also choose to request valet service. To do so, check in with an attendant at the plaza or 综合癌症中心 entrance. 早上7:30提供代客服务.m. 到下午4点.m., Monday through Fridays, except on holidays.


Plug your electric vehicle into one of our charging stations in our outdoor parking lot while you visit Community 医院. 进一步了解我们的 commitment to protecting our environment through policies 和 programs that benefit the public 和 our organization.


参观 蒙特雷-萨利纳斯运输网站 or call them at (831) 899-2555 to get help planning your bus trip to the hospital. You can also pick up a bus schedule at our Auxiliary reception desk.


下载详细地图[PDF] 这显示了主要的, 花园, 阳台, 还有医院的屋顶, so you can easily find your way during your visit. Use the map to locate inpatient 和 outpatient departments, patient rooms, 和更多的.

Inpatient services are 对病人 who stay overnight getting care at the hospital, while outpatient services are 对病人 who visit the facility for care 和 go home afterward.


Search 服务清单 社区医院提供.


视图 有用的信息 对病人, 他们所爱的人, 和 community members about what to expect during your visit, the amenities 和 services you can access, 和 how we make sure you have a positive experience. Get answers to your questions about Community 医院’s:

  • Billing services 和 financial assistance
  • 课程和活动
  • 食物和餐饮选择
  • 礼品商店
  • 失物招领处
  • 患者的权利和责任
  • 安全与保障
  • 探访时间及政策
  • 还有更多


Discover why Community 医院 holds 和 continues to build a reputation for excellence. 了解 我们的:


Looking for a fulfilling way to give back to your neighbors in 蒙特利 County? Community 医院 和 蒙太奇的健康 offer 志愿者 opportunities to match your interests, schedule, 和 location preference.


If you’re interested in working at Community 医院, visit the 职业在全球网络赌博平台网站 to search open positions 和 learn about what it’s like to work here.